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To make sure everything is ready for the holiday, there are a few things to think about. A beach towel is of course essential. And slippers are also a good idea. With a hot tea and warm feet, you can enjoy the view of the dunes even more. You should bring dish towels so that the cups can be dried afterwards. Bed linen and towels are also required, but can also be rented. Simply click on the corresponding fields in the enquiry.

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In Gartenhaus you will find three Dutch bicycles to ride to the bakeryin the morning or to pay a visit to the neighbouring communities.

Besides the bikes, there are also a few things that are indispensable for a beach holiday. A beach shell and a windbreak provide the cosiness and sand moulds and a Viking chess to play with for young and old.

There is a container directly opposite Tormentil 5 so that rubbish can be disposed of quickly. The rubbish chip for it hangs on the key board. There are containers for plastic, paper and used glass right next to the snack bar.

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There are a few things to keep in mind when leaving. Please remember to set the thermostat in the living room to 14°C. In addition, the ventilation slits on the windows should be opened to allow a little fresh air into the flat.

Then open the interior doors directly so that the air can circulate. Locks the sliding door from the inside. The dishwasher has to be turned on and the rubbish taken out.

Outside, the cushions and seat cushions should be returned to the chest and the garden shed locked. Afterwards, all keys can be hung back on the key board. Finally, the front door key is returned to the holiday office.